It is an era where you can work anywhere if you have an Internet

So we promote the attraction of IT related companies.

We are promoting to urban companies that Shirahama-town is a tourist resort that have hot spring, beaches and so on, and that access from the capital Tokyo is so convenient.

Now, Workation is popular among IT related companies.「Workation」 is coined word that combines 「work」and「Vacation」.

It’s a word born in the United States.

It is a way of working to work while enjoying the trip at the vacation in the good situation like a resort area.

Contents are different by company, long term family trip that they couldn’t do due to a meeting, they find new something while traveling with colleagues in the unusual situation.

And We are building an uninterrupted network even during disasters. We help you doing workation, we use the network and we create an environment that can use wi-fi in some area, Shirahama-town.

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