The advent of the cherry blossom season in the Northern Tohoku region (Northern region of mainland Japan) is around mid to late April.

Being able to enjoy Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) about a month after it peaks in Tokyo is one of the many charms of Northern Tohoku Region.

“Morioka Dango” is a must eat during a Hanami in Morioka.

Dango culture takes root in Morioka, such as “Ikkyu Dango” (deep fried mochi balls dipped in sweet and salty soy sauce based paste),

“Ocha Mochi” (flattened out mochi covered in soy sauce based walnut paste),

and last but not the least, “Morioka Dango” (mochi balls coated with soy sauce).

The most common one is “Morioka Dango” which has a simple soy sauce flavor.

It is 5mochi balls (dango) on a skewer with unpasteurized soy sauce, Unlike the sweet dango you eat elsewhere, this unsweetened dango has become the most common, standard style dango for people in Morioka.

These 3unique dangos are only available in Morioka.

Why not follow the cherry blossoms to Morioka?

It will bring you to parks such as Morioka Castle Site Park and Takamatsu Park which are full of cherry trees that serves “Hanami Dango”.

Also, while you are in Morioka, don’t miss the famous “Rock Splitting Cherry Tree”! It will be in full bloom!!

*Dango…Typical Japanese snack on a skewer with flavored mochi balls.