Hikigawa area, located in the south-east of Shirahama town, has a clear stream of Hikigawa river flowing through the center and scattered villages along the river.

Hikigawa area has a different atmosphere with Shirahama area, which impress you sightseeing resort, and has plenty of natural environmental, the sea, mountains and rivers.

Shirahama area is a typical tourist spot, but in Hikigawa area, the experience-based tour「Honma-mon Taiken(experience)」is popular.

‘Honma-mon’ means ‘genuine’. (‘Honma-mon’ is the dialect of this region. The right word is ‘Hon-mono’.)

Like experience of agriculture, forestry and fisheries that cannot be experienced in the city, experience of working in traditional industries rooted in the area, experience of outdoor activities using the clear stream Hikigawa river, and experience like staying at a grandpa and grandma’s house in the hometown and so on… You can experience this country life that using this regional characteristic.

In addition, the world heritage Kumano-kodo Ohechi kaido passes through this area, you can experience the ancient journey with the storyteller.

The rich nature and smiles of people nurture the hearts of those who experience it.

Being involved in farming and fishing, it leads to food education and is popular as an educational travel destination for junior high and high school students.