[Japan’s Yosakoi Festival ]
“Yosakoi Festival” is held from August 9th to 12th every year in Kochi prefecture’s Kochi city.

This is one of the biggest well-known event of 3 main festival in Shikoku area. There are around 1 million people attend this event every year.

Further, the word “Yosakoi” in Japanese means “Welcome the night”. It came from an old Japanese language.

Yosakoi Festival is a festival that people will dance in a parade behind the local truck which is loading the acoustic equipment.

As the festival developes, the dancing version and styles are also developing. Now, such as samba, rock, hip-hop, and many kinds of dancing is mixed with the music and performed.

It still remains the unique of Japanese culture and continues to develop to an event that suits for any ages, like old, young, male, female. It becomes a popular unique festival around Japan.