[Japan’s Umbrella: Wagasa]
Wagasa came from China around Heian period.

Above all, the Kyoto Umbrella is the most highest quality product. It is designed from the idea of Kyoto’s unique beauty of peaceful atmosphere. It became the best product in all Japanese umbrella, which called Kyowagasa.

Right now, there is only 1 shop doing the Kyoto umbrella. Very few of the excellent experts are keeping Kyowagasa’s traditional skills.

In the recent years, the skill of kyowagasa is developing in many areas. For example, the lighting design, ornamental umbrellas, interior design and other products. It is widely using in many areas.

Furthermore, Kyowagasa’s skill is not only designed for the seat of tea ceremony which represents one of the great culture in Japan, but also ornamented for the seat that mainly welcome an important guest from other countries, such as Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Diana when they came to Japan.