Never giving up, always declaring your dreams and goals

This is an artwork of a sugar painting performance. It was commonly believed that blue roses can only be artificial, i.e. they cannot be found in nature so the flower comes with the language “impossible".
Yet, wild, natural blue roses have become feasible so the flower
language has changed to "dream comes true”.
The work was completed all at once and hence reveals personal experience ofgradual growth and declaration of persistent pursuit of dreams and goals.
"Sugar Painting" refers to the art of decorating confectionery with
special techniques to be enjoyed with both vision and smell. Thus, sugar art is edible as the material is just sugar cream (sugar powder & egg white). On the other hand, it is also long-lasting as inedible paints and coating materials are added to sugar cream. This work
is classified as semi-permanent.


The only performer in Japan who conducts sugar paint performances in various locations domestically and internationally
Sakamoto Koyuki

A sugar artist & pâtissière. She is also a shrine maiden.
Applying techniques for decorating sweet treats, she devised sugar paint, a visual and olfactory delight. Sugar paint is non-edible art depicted on canvases using icing (made with powdered sugar and egg whites).
She has been giving Japan’s one-and-only sugar paint performances inside and outside Japan.

Art Style

A unique non-edible art form by Sakamoto Koyuki, utilizing icing (powdered sugar + egg whites)
Sugar Paint

An original art form devised by Koyuki Sakamoto, sugar paint is non-edible art created with icing (made with powdered sugar and egg whites). In contrast, sugar art is edible works of art decorated with a sugar cream (also made with powdered sugar and egg whites). In addition to this sugar cream, sugar paint uses paints, coating agents, and other non-edible materials. Japan’s one-and-only sugar art performances by Sakamoto delight the audience not only visually but also through the sense of smell. In 2020, she entered her work to one of the largest art fairs in the Middle East, World Art Dubai, for the first time as a sugar artist and gave three performances at the venue. She continues to try new things that no one has ever done before.


Originates from 14th-century England, a technique for cake decoration using sugar

Originating in England in the 14th century, sugar art (sugarcraft) is a set of techniques for cake decoration using sugar. Decorating cakes with sugar enabled long-term preservation, eventually leading to the development of the form of exquisite cake piping for wedding cakes. One of the rules of sugar art is to decorate with edible materials. While iced cookies are well known as an example of sugar art, flowers and dolls made with playdough-like sugar paste are also sugar art. Sugar art works can be preserved semi-permanently if they are decorated on Styrofoam or a board.