Toro Nagashi

[Toro Nagashi] Toro nagashi is an event during the O-Bon festival in…

Tennjin Matsuri

[Tennjin Matsuri] Osaka’s Tennjin Matsuri, Tokyo’s Kanda Matsuri, an…

Japanese Miso Making

[Japanese Miso Making] Miso is Japanese one of the traditional seaso…

Japan’s Yosakoi Festival

[Japan’s Yosakoi Festival ] “Yosakoi Festival” is held from August 9…

Japan’s Umbrella: Wagasa

[Japan’s Umbrella: Wagasa] Wagasa came from China around Heian perio…

The star festival: Tanabata

[The star festival: Tanabata] Tanabata is a festival event that came…

Itsukushima Shrine

[Itsukushima Shrine] Itsukushima Shrine is located in the city of Ha…


[Amanohashidate] Amanohashidate is a spot with white sand and 5,000 …



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