Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic places in Japan is famous for its “white sand and green pines” scenery.
In the winter, visitors can enjoy what appears to be “white sand and white pines” scenery.In 2016, “Kyoto Miyazu Bay and Ine Bay” which includes Amanohashidate joined the international NGO “The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club”.  “Kyoto Miyazu Bay and Ine Bay” were recognized as places of scenic beauty comparable to that of Vietnam`s Halong Bay which is also registered as a World Heritage site and Mont Saint Michel Bay in France.  The Miyazu and Ine areas` efforts to protect the natural environment and preserve the natural beauty of these bays was also recognized. Thanks to this, Amanohashidate`s name is now known world-wide as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Amanohashidate is a landform which possesses an extremely rare and beautiful shape that captures the hearts of many.  In summer, the pine tree covered beaches bustle with visitors but in the winter the snow covered Amanohashidate reveals a completely different aspect of the landform`s natural beauty.
There are also activities available in which visitors can enjoy a winter mountain experience by either trying snow-shoe trekking or exploring the mountains with a guide to observe and study winter animals and vegetation.

After you work up your appetite exercising, feel free to try our Japan Sea winter cuisine.  Crab season starts in November!! Each inn and restaurant offers its own unique crab cuisine for visitors to enjoy.

Enjoy both the winter oceans and mountains at “Kyoto by the Sea”.

≪Questions & Inquiries≫
Snow-shoe Trekking
○Seya Ecotourism Guide Group  Mr. Yasuda TEL 0772-45-1625≪Via Tourism Promotion Section, Municipal of Miyazu)
○Amanohashidate Activity Center  TEL 090-9047-5896

Snow Mountain Nature Observation
○Seya Ecotourism Guide Group  Mr. Yasuda  TEL 0772-45-1625≪Via Tourism Promotion Section, Municipal of Miyazu)

※All above activities are not available at times when there is no snow.