Now in Miyazu, we have several restaurants which serve CURRY YAKISOBA.
It's a very unique noodle dish created by Mr. Wang, a Chinese chief from Taiwan moved to Miyazu just after the war.
The taste of the dish originally based on Chinese cuisine combined with a spicy curry flavoured soup blended well with the noodles and other toppings which usually used for Yakisoba. This bland-new noodle dish is combining the essences of several countries' cuisines like Japan, China, and India.

Wang's dish have been loved for long time even after his passing, and became a kind of "Soul Noodle" for the people of Miyazu. Several restaurants faithfully reproduced with reverance for Wang's dish while others have quite new styles and their own original tastes, so there are more than 10 restaurants whidh serve Curry Yakisoba.
And now, tons of people come here to enjoy Curry Yakisoba.

You can see the varaiety of Curry Yakisoba which is served in Miyazu. I like Ton-Chin-Kan's one with much soup and plenty of vegitables personally. Why don't you try and find one of your favourite dishes.

Miyazu Curry Yakisoba

●Reproduced the original taste  ZUISYOEN
10 Kokubun, Miyazu
●Fried fish paste include Curry Yakisoba. That's a revolution!! Food & Liquor YANO  413-48 Suzu, Miyazu

●You'll be addicted to this Dry tiped Curry Yakisoba.  Syubo TAMURA
1983 Shinhama, Miyazu
●The Spicy version dish of the house is very similar to the Wang's Original!? Chinese cuisine TON-CHIN-KAN
1951-4 Shinhama, Miyazu

●Seafood Curry Yakisoba, it's NEW!! HAMAKAZE Cafe
3008 Hamamachi, Miyazu

●The 30th memorial year of Curry Yakisoba is comming soon! Caffe KOSHIJI
2054 Tsuruga, Miyazu
●Super combination of Melt cheese & thick soup HASHIDATE DAIMARU (main store)
475 Monju, Miyazu

●It's been popular as a secret menu Restaurant ITONAKA
2061-1 Tsuruga, Miyazu
●Wet type & Dry type, which one do you like? Cafe & Rest. ERINA
1015-1 Mannen, Miyazu

●Wonderful harmony of Worcestershire sauce and curry flavour FUJIKI-SYOKUDO
895-9 Mannen, Miyazu
●The best collaboration of oup stock of original roasted pork fillet and curry powder MING-MING
203-2 Kyokaido, Miyazu

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