In Susami town, the rainy season called "Tsuyu" has ended and we said full-fledged summer to welcome.
While that, we want to take a rest at cool place which is surrounded by beautiful nature.
Shizuku Falls is one of that cool place, which the clear water is running down on about 30 m high two-tiered cliff.
"Shizuku" means "drop", but its shape has little magnificence and we are able to be filled with the sound of the water running down.
We can taste nature's blessings with having a paddle, fishing, climbing the cliff.

When you climb onto the upper cliff, you can see the whole it and give you feel something like Japanese "Wabi-Sabi" (means beauty through a sense of austerity and antiquity).
After the rain, the shape of water running down with grand sound and the current splash you just a little spray, which makes you feel cool, so you can taste beautiful nature with your whole body.

It takes about 20 minutes from JR Susami Station to there by car.(about 50 minutes by bike)
It is so refreshing to have a paddle after having a good sweat by bike!(you can rent bike at JR Susami Station)