There is Koto Falls in Hirose Valley which is in Susami town.Clear stream is running down from about 20m high cliff covered with greenery and the basin of a waterfall reflected blue. It is said that there is a "YOKAI" Japanese folk monster in this basin of a waterfall.

There are more 10 other waterfalls and cascades, the size and shape is various, so you can enjoy feeling each of appearance.

Hirose Valley has fertile nature that many temperate-plants are distributed with some subtropical one and cold -temperate one.

In addition, a nature trail is stretches for about 600m, because the distance is not long, we recommended you explore every inch of the trail.


Perhaps you can find something new kind hiding in the fertile nature!!!


Let's be filled with the space of Hirose Valley whose nature is little different from the normal!


Access:from JR Susami Station to Lodging KOTONOTAKISO


by car;about 15 minutes  by bike; about 40 minutes


We recommend you rent a bike at JR Susami Station because you can move to there while enjoy the beautiful scenery of Susami town!!