Morioka’s traditional handicraft, “Nambu Shikon Zome” and “Nambu Akane Zome” conveyed to the Nambu (northern) area during the Kamkura period (1185-1333) and still cherished by people who live in the area. It is a skill of dyeing with dyes extracted from the murasaki plant with purple roots and roots of a plant called madder (also called Rubia). It is the fusion of wild botanicals and the skill passed on for generationas.

Shikon Zome boasts its beauty of elegance whereas Akane Zome finds its own prettieness in the bright orange-red colour.

The beutiful patterns of both Shikon Zome and Akane Zome are used for kimonos, also patterned coin purse and bagas are great gifts for your special one.

Currently “Soshido” is the only manufacturere that makes products of Shikon Zome and Akane Zome.

As they are all hand made, each piece has a different expression. Enjoy fiding your “One & Only” if you ever come to Morioka.