Dyeing Techniques Reflecting the Japanese Spirit

Do You Know? Japanese Dyeing Techniques that Captivate the World.

This time, I introducing Art Uni: Bridging Kyoto's Dyeing Techniques and High Fashion Brands.

Art Uni symbolizes the fusion of tradition and innovation, and its unique techniques captivate designers worldwide.

Innovative Dyeing Techniques

Art Uni has developed numerous innovative dyeing techniques, among which "Saiketsu-zome" and "Ryusai-zome" are particularly notable, attracting attention from designers around the globe.

These techniques allow for delicate and intricate expressions that are impossible to achieve with machines. Furthermore, this technology has been adopted by high fashion brands such as Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and Mame Kurogouchi, receiving high acclaim.

High Quality Achieved through Complete Handwork

Art Uni's dyeing techniques are entirely carried out by skilled artisans. The dyeing produced from this complete handwork has deep colors and unique textures that cannot be found elsewhere. The attention to detail in techniques such as hand painting and silk screen stencil dyeing meets the strict demands of high-end brands.

Balance of Tradition and Innovation

Art Uni respects the traditional techniques of Kyo Yuzen, which have a history of over a thousand years, while continuously developing new dyeing methods. This exquisite balance of tradition and innovation highlights Art Uni's techniques. By combining traditional "Hikizome" and "Roketsu-fu-zome" with the latest technology, Art Uni consistently creates fresh and attractive works.

Media and International Recognition

The innovative techniques and beautiful dyeing works have been featured in media, attracting a lot of attention. They have been introduced on programs such as Kansai TV's "Yo-i-don" and Asahi Broadcasting's "LIFE~Yume no Katachi~," making the techniques and beauty widely known. They have also received high praise on international stages, including Paris.

LIFE~Yume no Katachi~

Challenges and Prospects for the Future: Art Uni's World and Japanese Spirituality

Throughout its 50-year history, Art Uni has consistently taken on new challenges and pursued sustainable brand value. Efforts include spreading and inheriting techniques through dyeing workshops and the successful launch of its own brand via crowdfunding.

Art Uni's dyeing techniques are simple yet deeply flavorful, richly reflecting Japanese spirituality.
The beauty produced by hand embodies the traditional values unique to Japan.
Through Art Uni's dyeing, people who encounter it will be able to feel the spirituality and beauty of Japan.
We believe that this dyeing factory, a symbol of Japan's simple and beautiful lifestyle, can evoke much empathy.
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