Whether it is magnificent nature, Samurai Culture or the best wagyu beef in Japan - Kagoshima City is full of Japanese authenticity.


The active volcano Sakurajima and Kinko Bay have the power to refresh the hearts of anyone who gazes upon them.After a short 15 minute trip by ferry, you can enjoy taking full advantage of Sakurajima`s activities such as Kayaking and digging your own hot springs.

Kagoshima is also the hometown of a hero who greatly contributed to the Meiji Restoration.We recommend the experience of trying on genuine samurai armor and kimonos in a beautiful Japanese garden rich in samurai culture.

And of course, Kagoshima cuisine. We have Kagoshima wagyu beef which won the "Wagyu Olympics", the rich taste of Kagoshima black pork and fresh sushi taken from the base of Sakurajima. All absolutely delicious.


Kagoshima, a city worth visiting. Feel the experience in this video.