Tsubaki Onsen (hot spring) area, where is famous for hot spring recuperation, is located in the south from Shirahama Onsen area.

There is a theory that origin of name of place and hot spring was that trees of Tsubaki (camellia japonicas) grow wild everywhere in the place.

A long time ago, a great monk saw a Shirasagi (a white egret) alight in the hot spring water to bathe an injured leg. He therefore named the hot spring ‘Sagi no Yu’, and since has been popular as a hot spring recuperation area.

A faint smell of sulfur and the smooth soft texture of the water will leave your skin feeling smoother and more beautiful looking.

And Tsubaki onsen is on the road of the world heritage Kumano-kodo Ohechi route, in the past, it refreshed many pilgrims visiting Kumano, spiritual heartland.

In addition, Roadside station「Tsubaki Hana-no-yu」have a hot spring bath designed for soaking one’s feet, so you can enjoy Tsubaki onsen easily for refreshing during the course of driving.

In summer, swimming area of Tsubaki beach opens. The sea is shallow off the shore, and is popular with the family.

In a quiet and calm atmosphere that it’s not a typical sightseeing resort Shirahama onsen area, shall you spend a relax time??