In Susami town in Wakayama prefecture, there are many sacred natural spots but Esuzaki island is especially good.

When you pass through a torii that is an entrance of the island, a scared atmosphere drift deeply because the whole island has been protected as sanctuary of local shrine.
Additionally, this island is designated as a natural treasure so you can observe various warm climate plants from promenade.

The more you tread the promenade, after passed through two shines, the atmosphere getting more mysterious.
Then, you will hear sound of ocean bigger and some spots of Pacific Ocean appear.
Finally, you arrive a lighthouse that is a destination of promenade.

When you turn back on an entrance of island, you would soak up the sense of fulfillment.

You can visit Esuzaki island from Japan Children’s Song Park, we post last time.
A bridge across rocky beach make you easy to visit there so we want you to come and fell a scared atmosphere of Esuzaki island!!