What is your first thought when talk about the special food in Kagoshima?

The hint is, the most high quality Japanese soup stock.

The answer is ..... “PorkChickenBonito”!!

Tontoro Ramen is condensed 3 of this flavor.

Today, we are going to check out the true flavor of Kagoshima

Tontoro ramen was in the best 3 in 2 years from 2015. There is a competition held since then, called ‘King of Kagoshima Ramen.’ It is an event that to decided which one is the most popular ramen shop. 

To attend the competition, you need to qualify by questionnaire in Kagoshima prefecture.

The top 15 and the best 3 that was won in the last competition can attend it, total is 18 shops.

Once you can attend this kind of event, it means your ramen is really high quality!

Every ramen shop that is in this competition, it is very popular and served very delicious ramen.

If own the best 3 in the continuous two years. It is also well-known and advised by local resident. It is very popular.

This is Tontoro Chashu. It was made from pork side! Superb!

The rich soup is the condensed from the chicken and bonito broth, and the most high quality flavor in Kagoshima! Chashu is also melting in your month when you eat it. If you like rich flavor of ramen, you have to try it!

This is the menu. As you can see, there are dumpling, chashu topping, rice and other many varieties food that you can choose. The price is also reasonable!

The famous menu, Kurobuta toro dumpling, is one of my recommendation.

This is radish pickle that you can eat as much as you like. This is the perfect combination with the rich soup ramen! I can not stop eating (LOL).

The opening time is from 11 am. Lunch is served. It closes at the 3:30 am in the midnight. It opens 365 days a year without rest. If you like delicious and rich soup taste ramen, please come and try!

This is Tontoro ramen that is condensed the true flavor of Kagoshima, Japan.

Tel: 099-222-5857

Open hour: 11 am 3:30 am

Seat: 25 seats (counter 7/ tatami seat 18)

SmokingNo Smoking: Smoking seats available

No parking lot (There is coin operated parking lot nearby)

Address: 9-41 Yamanokuchicho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.