Watching waterfalls soothes our minds. This idea has long been part of Japanese understandings. In fact, waterfalls have been drawn in many ink paintings and Ukiyoe since ancient times. Morioka is blessed to have rich nature and beautiful scenery just like paintings and there are two waterfalls hidden in Sotoyama Forest Park in Morioka city.

Tsukikage waterfall is one of them. You can enjoy the view of the waterfall with greenery as you walk on a bridge hung by ropes.

The other one is Amakage waterfall which you can watch closely and feel the dynamics of the falling water. You will be soothed by greenery and energized with the power of the forest during summer. In spring and fall, warm sun lights shining through the tree leaves will refresh you. Come enjoy hiking with the scenery just like the ones on beautiful pictures. After the hike and the encounter with two beautiful waterfalls, what better way is there to satisfy yourself than BBQ or Soba noodles!!

Open period of Sotoyama Forest Park: April 29 ~November 15

Sotoyama Forest Park: