Sainokami event is a nationwide traditional event in Japan, held in early January and called Dondo -yaki, Sagicho etc. in other names.
Kadomatsu, Ornaments and Kakizome( the first calligraphy of the New Year) etc. are gathered in one place and those are burnt.
Due to the urbanization, places for burning become limited, but in particular , in Inagi City, it is done in 7 places because of lively community activities.

In the East Japan area, there are many cases where it is linked to the faith that prevents invasion of evil spirits, so that it has a religious character.
The order of this event is firstly to build a high conical skeleton by using bamboo, tree, and straw etc, in which the people put the New Year's decorations.
Next, people make Mayu balls dumplings to grill and eat at the occasion of the god event. Finally, people set fire on the conical skeleton and it are burned out.
Using this fire, people enjoy dumping called Mayu balls or rice ,which are set in the branches of the tree, by grilling the fire,
In this event, there is a faith that sacrifices the fire, so it is said that if you eat this dumpling or rice cake, it will be good for disease-free in one year .