Heart Island, Kagami Island

Do you Know? Japan's Refreshing Drive Courses and Scenic Spots.
This time, I am introducing you to the perfect place for a refreshing experience:Naruto Skyline and Gourmet.

Overview of Naruto Skyline

The Naruto Skyline is an 8.1 km drive course that stretches from Shimada Island at the northeastern tip of Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, to the mainland of Shikoku. Originally a toll road, it is now free of charge and attracts many tourists who come to enjoy the breathtaking views.
Skyline Tour Course
For more details, visit the Naruto City Official Tourism Site.

Yomomitenbo Observation Deck

The Yomomitenbo Observation Deck along the Naruto Skyline offers a panoramic view of Uchino Sea and Naruto Strait. From the observation deck, you can look down on Uchino Sea, dotted with fishing rafts and aquaculture rafts, and the tranquil scenery is sure to soothe visitors' hearts. The Naruto Skyline is dotted with many viewpoints, including the Yomomitenbo Observation Deck, making it perfect not only for enjoying a drive but also for taking photos against the backdrop of stunning scenery. The landscape changes with the seasons, offering new discoveries every time you visit, especially the cherry blossoms in spring and the autumn leaves.

Yomomitenbo Observation DeckTEL: 088-684-1157Address: Yomomitenbo Observation Deck, Higashiyama, Nakajimada, Seto-cho, Naruto City, Tokushima PrefectureAccess: About 10 minutes (700m) from Naruto North InterchangeEast Tokushima Tourism Promotion OrganizationAwa Navi

Kagami Island and Heart-shaped Terrain

The uninhabited island "Kagami Island," visible from Yomomitenbo Observation Deck, is known as "Heart Island" due to its heart-shaped terrain when viewed from above. This romantic landscape symbolizes love and attracts many couples who come to take commemorative photos. It is also a popular spot for wedding photo shoots and proposals. Furthermore, Kagami Island is considered a sacred place, and the annual Ryugu Festival includes rituals praying for sea safety and abundant catches. Although landing on the island is prohibited, you can enjoy its beautiful appearance from the observation deck.

Seafood of Naruto Area

Bountiful Delights of Naruto's Sea

After enjoying your drive, it's time for some gourmet treats. Naruto City in Tokushima Prefecture, located at the northeastern tip of Shikoku, is surrounded by a rich sea. The region is famous for its abundance of fresh seafood, particularly the seafood nurtured by the fierce currents of the Naruto Strait. Here, we introduce the representative seafood of Naruto and their appeal.

Naruto Sea Bream

Naruto sea bream is one of the most famous seafood in this area. Grown in the turbulent currents of the Naruto Strait, it is characterized by firm flesh and a sweet taste. Particularly in spring and early summer, the sea bream is fatty and exceptionally delicious. It can be enjoyed in various dishes such as sashimi, sea bream rice, and salt-grilled sea bream.

Naruto Wakame

Naruto wakame, grown in the fierce currents of the Naruto Strait, is known for its thickness and crunchy texture. Fresh wakame harvested from winter to spring is especially soft and tasty. It is commonly used in miso soup, salads, and vinegar dishes. Rich in nutrients, including minerals and dietary fiber, it is also popular among health-conscious individuals.


Shirasu, small fish caught in the Naruto sea, is in season from spring to summer. Fresh shirasu can be eaten as they are, boiled, or dried. Local dishes such as shirasu bowls and shirasu tempura are also popular.

Ikanago (Kounago)

Ikanago, also known locally as "Kounago," is a representative seafood of Naruto, caught in early spring. It is often cooked as niboshi or tsukudani. Sweet and spicy simmered ikanago tsukudani is a popular accompaniment to rice.

Other Seafood

In Naruto, various other seafood are also available. This includes bluefish like horse mackerel, mackerel, and sardines, white fish such as flounder and flatfish, and shellfish like shrimp and crab. These seafood are sold fresh at local markets and can also be enjoyed at local restaurants and pubs.

Local Gourmet Delicacies

Naruto's seafood is prepared in various ways by local chefs. Besides simple grilling, boiling, and frying, it is enjoyed as sashimi, sushi, and in traditional dishes like seasoned rice, miso soup, and tempura. If you enjoy Japanese sake, be sure to pair it with these local delicacies.
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After experiencing the refreshing sea breeze on Naruto's drive courses, be sure to savor the fresh seafood unique to the Naruto area. By not only tasting the local cuisine but also interacting with the local people, you can feel the warmth and charm of the area, making it an unforgettable experience.