Kiyomizudera, Koryuji, and Kuramadera, maintains the history from 794 a.c during the capital was in Kyoto (Heian-kyo) area in that time. Kiyomizudera is one of the rare temples that has the history of Heian-kyo in Kyoto.

Also, like Kinkaku-ji and Arashi-yama, three of them are very well-known spot in Kyoto city. They are always so popular during the whole year. They are considered as the Cultural property in ancient city Kyoto that recorded by UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

The main hall of Kiyomizudera was re-constructed in 1633 when the 3rd general, Tokugawa Iemitsu located in Kyoto during Edo Bakufu period. It is also called ‘ Kiyomizu no butai (the stage of Kiyomizu)’

Because it located in the high cliff , so in Japan, there is a proverb said ‘Kiyomizu no butai kara tobioriru’ which means make the big decision boldly.