Have you ever been to Izumi City in Kagoshima?

If you feel you are so hungry, the best recommend restaurant is Nakamachi Shokudo.

So, where is this Nakamachi Shokudo at? It is near Yasaka Shrine where is all the way down to the Izumi Central arcade shopping street.

If you come by bus, you can take a bus which is to Kagoshima Airport and you have to get off at Izumi Hommachi Bus stop. If you come by car, there is a Nakamachi parking area across the restaurant that you can park if for Free!!

The owner of the restaurant is from Izumi city and extremely love his hometown.

He is very positively to create a new “Food Culture.” He uses the best ingredients in Izumi City. An event that is held in Kagoshima Shopping Street called “Show-1 Gourmet Grand Prize”, is to decide which dish is the best food. Nakamachi Shokudo was on the list from Heisei 22 to 26. 

As we can see the menu that is written on the board, most of the cuisine is using chicken that comes from Izumi City. We can tell how much love that owner has toward the chicken!!

Let’s start with the relaxing Tatami room in the restaurant......

Of course, the 2 table seats and the counter seats are also prepared.

So, what do you want for your lunch?

From the delicious and reasonable price of fried chicken meal to any kinds of Japanese regular meal, rice-bowl dish, curry, ramen and many other meals, there are many varieties food make people feel exciting. 

And above all, fried chicken meal or a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs with the low price is you can really enjoy.

The reason why owner uses chicken a lot is that Izumi City is a famous area to produce chicken. That is why owner especially put a lot of energy on the chicken menu.

Here, I started to pay attention to the 3 type of food that is from “Famous food of Nakamachi Shokudo”......

First, “Izumi’s Shin-satsuma-jiru” and “Shogann-taku”! This is also very good food for women. This food uses a lot chicken that is full of collagen and seasoning vegetable. 

Second, “Izumi Aka Tori Jonetsu Ramen”!! The owner uses Izumi local famous chicken, “Aka Tori Satsuma”, to cook it. People called this dish is full of enthusiasm for local area.

Third, “Izumi Orange Chicken”. The fried chicken with a special orange dressing, it is the new style chicken that original form Izumi.

….Wow, everything looks so delicious!! It is really very hard to choose!! In the end, I decided to order Izumi Orange Chicken that was on the list of Show-1 Gourmet Grand Prize event.

When I was waiting for my order, I looked around the restaurant, and find out a corner where has a lot of manga! I picked “Kinnikuman” which I haven’t read it for a long time and then waiting for my food. Finally, it comes Izumi Orange Chicken!!!!!!!

This is my first time try fried chicken with special orange dressing. I was a little afraid of eating it…but, out of my imagination, it is very Good!

With sweet and sour sauce on the top, it is so match with this juicy fried chicken. It is the perfect combination.

You must try this one!! It is over the TOP!!

The owner of Nakamachi Shokudo is a very kind and easygoing person. You can ask him the nearby spot and famous scenery around Izumi. He will love to tell you everything about Izumi city.

Izumi is rich in nature. The ingredients of all this food are nurturing by all the people who loves this city, it is pouring with their love and care, that’s why it is just simply delicious. You must come to try their food in Nakamachi Shokudou!!

That is what I am talking about Japanese food culture!!

Address: 12-8 Hommachi, Izumi-shi, Kagoshima-ken

Access: Around 5 minus by car from JR Izumi Station

Open Hour: 11:00 ~ 20:30 (O.S) ※Serve Lunch

Regular Closing Day: Wednesday