Wanko Soba, buckwheat noodles served in small bowls, is a cuisine that represents Morioka.
This is an event that you compete with your friends on how many bowls of soba you can eat.
This unique style of dishes originated from hospitality. Hosting guests by serving bite-size portioned soba has become one of traditional foods in Morioka.
Severs will cheer and encourage you to eat more bowls by saying “Hai Jan Jan!” “Hai Don Don!” as they serve bite-size soba into your bowl. With the rhythm of the servers cheering, you’ll enjoy eating as many soba poured into your bowl.
The rule of Wanko Soba is that you can’t stop eating until you close the lid of the bowl yourself. Servers try to put one and another into your bowl as soon as you empty it. At the end, you will enjoy the game with servers.
Please try Wanko Soba if you visit Morioka and see how many bowls you can eat!