A tradition celebrating girls' growth and happiness.

Do you know? Japan's Girls' Day, Hinamatsuri.
This time, i am introducing traditional event for the girls.

This festival is a traditional event to celebrate the healthy growth of girls.
One of Japan's traditional annual events, it is held every year on March 3rd to wish for the healthy growth and happiness of girls.
In particular, it is common for families with girls to decorate Hina dolls during this time.

Hina Dolls of Nansho-an

Nansho-an in Morioka City is a special place where you can feel the history of Hinamatsuri.
A large number of Hina dolls from the Edo period to the present are displayed, characterized by their more traditional faces compared to modern ones.
These Hina dolls embody the wishes and thoughts of the people of that time, and their facial features reflect the atmosphere of the era.

Hina Dolls Across Time
Among the Hina dolls on display at Nansho-an, some were made hundreds of years ago and have been carefully preserved across generations.
The fact that these Hina dolls still exist today is a testament to the importance of Japanese culture and tradition.
These Hina dolls are precious items that convey the wishes of people from the past to the present.

Hinamatsuri in Ukiyo-e

At Nansho-an, there are also Ukiyo-e prints depicting the scenes of Hinamatsuri from the Edo period.
Through Ukiyo-e, you can get a glimpse of how people enjoyed Hinamatsuri at that time.

Information on Iwate Prefecture's Official Tourism Website

The official tourism website of Iwate Prefecture also provides detailed information about Hinamatsuri.
For information about the Hinamatsuri at Nansho-an and other events, please visit the official tourism website of Iwate Prefecture.
Hinamatsuri is a wonderful event that continues to preserve old traditions and gives us new insights and emotions today.
On this special day to wish for the growth of girls, let's cherish the time spent with Hina dolls.