Bansyo-yama Park at an altitude of 30metor is a scenic natural park facing Engetsuto island.

In 1643, a guard station for watching far was set up here and warriors of Edo period monitored of the foreign ship. So it started to be called「Bansyo(guard station) yama(mountain)」.

Bansyo-yama is the cradle of leisure tourism of Shirahama, the zoo, botanical garden and amusement park were opened, and it used to be crowded with tourists.

A landscape of the Pacific Ocean and many rare creatures living in there still remain.

There are 12 wooden statues with Eto made by chainsaw within the ground of Bansyo-yama Park. It will be enjoyable not only by adults but also by children.

There are also MinakataKumagusu museum and an aquarium of Kyoto University, you can learn about, love of and commune with nature at Bansyo-yama Park.


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