Tsunagi Onsen (hot spring) is one of the most popular hot spring villages here in Morioka.

The hot spring village has over 900 years of history and there are a number of hot spring Ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, in this area.

You will also see some unique hot springs here including 3 free foot spas, a hand spa, and even a facility where you can cook “Onsen Tamago,” slow cooked eggs in hot spring water!

The recipe is very simple ?

you put some raw eggs in specified hot spring water, wait until they are cooked while dipping your feet in a relaxing foot spa…

and done!

Enjoy your perfectly cooked “Onsen Tamago” with soft egg whites and cooked yolks.

Foot spas and hand spas will not only warm your whole body but they are also very healthy. Come enjoy our hot springs and Onsen Tamago.