Japanese people have special emotions on cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms have been continued to be loved by Japanese people over a thousand years due to the atmosphere of coming spring, the beautiful flowers and the short pity life of full bloom for about one week.
However, another special flower blooms in Inagi City, that is a pear flower.
It blossoms at almost same period as cherry blossoms from late march to early April.
Pear is a special brand fruit of Inagi City. Celebrating the blooming Cherry blossoms over 320 cherry trees along Misawa River and the pear flowers, Inagi City holds "Cherry Blossoms and Pear Flower Festival" for 2 days from late March to early April each year, which is a rare festival in the whole country.

Pear flowers are like snowy fields when viewed from the above.
In the festival, which is held around the City Hall every year, there are many food tents and attractions, so many people, including the visitors from outside, visit and enjoy it. Illumination at night offers you stunning views of the blossoms while taking.Nearest stations are Keio Line Inagi Sta. and JR Inagi Naganuma.Sta.
Cherry blossoms in Inagi City are also beautiful along the riverbank of Tama River and around the ropeway entrance of Yomiuri Land.