Nanki-Shirahama(Shirahama Town) is located on Wakayama's south-west coast and it’s a city of Wakayama prefecture which is located in the southern Kansai region, the southern-central region of Japan's main island Honsh?. It is one of the most famous hot spring regions in Japan from ancient era so that recent year over 3.00 million tourists visit to Shirahama annually from both domestic and overseas.

The Shirahama climate is hot and calm throughout the year because of its location and influence by the Japan Current (warm current).

Shirahama is located from Kansai International Airport within two hours by buses or trains, or from Tokyo International Airport, well known as Haneda airport, within 1 hour by air.

Visiting Spots
The picture is, one of the major visiting spots in Shirahama and repressive beach especially in Kansai region, named the Shirara-hama beach where many visitors come for leisure of playing, swimming and so on in summer. They love its pure white sand, clear blue water, and those contrast. After the sunset there are two times huge firework festivals usually on 30th of July and 10th of August, Don’t miss those. Furthermore, you can enjoy not only on beach side but also on the rivers and mountain side in Shirahama.
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