Awaji-Island is welcoming tourists from home and abroad, and providing you beautiful local foods called "Awaji-shima Gourmet."

To promote this Awaji-shima Gourmet, we’re having an Instagram photo contest. The winner will get an accommodation voucher for a hotel in Awaji-Island equivalent to 50,000 yen or a coupon for Awaji local foods equivalent to 10,000 yen.

In order to participate, you need to follow these simple steps:

1) Follow @shimagourmet2018 on Instagram.

2) Take a photo of an Awaji-Shima Gourmet which can be found in Awaji-Shima Gourmet Book 2018 with your mobile.
Awaji-Shima Gourmet Book 2018 is available only in Japanese, sorry.

3) Share the photo on Instagram and tag it #AwajishimaGourmet2018 and #Restaurant's name.

That’s it!
The contest is now open and you can enter until midnight (JST/UTC+0900) November 25th 2018 (Sunday).

Please visit our Island and enjoy the local gourmet to win a voucher!!