Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima, is a famous port town for Tuna (Maguro) fishing.

This time, we came to visit Ajikoubou Misono.

This restaurant, Ajikoubou Misono, is very popular on every ramen magazine in Kagoshima Prefecture. Just like picture shows, this day is still very crowded!

It started from the 45th year of Showa. The founder is Ms. Yamasaki Michiko. The original name of the restaurant is ‘Misono Shokudou’. As time goes by, it still remained the original spirit.

Then,till the 13th year of Heisei, it came to the turning point. The new menu came out, Maguro Ramen, it is a big breaking point for the restaurant!

Many TV programs also interviewed here. The owner expanded their business and opened several branches. An amazing fact is, with all the maguro ramen restaurants,they sold 150,000 orders!

In the restaurant, there are many signature board hanging on the wall! There are the signature from the TV program, and the celebrities.

Surprisingly, there are full of customers from the gate to the room!

In order to make customers comfortable, the inside is organized very well.

Here are counter and tatami seats.

The famous dish of Ichikikushikino city is Maguro Ramen. There are 3 kinds of ramen.The slice of makuro arises my appetite. There is the basic ramen, Maguro Ramen, Ajitama Maguro Ramen, and with the slice pork on the top, Maguro Charsyu Ramen. There are also many different kinds of set menu that you can choose.

In fact, Ajikoubou Misono is a Chinese cuisine restaurant! You can eat Tantanmen noodle and Champon Ramen here too!

If you love ramen very much, I recommend it!

I decided to order Maguro Ramen.

‘Ajitama Maguro Ramen (Maguro Ramen with soft egg boiled in soy sauce)’with Fried rice and fired dumping set. This looks very delicious!

In order to show to many people Maguro Ramen, I ordered it (LOL).

Makuro meat is very thick! It looks also very fresh!

How about the taste......?

The delicious taste of makuro is very rich and matches perfectly with the soup.

I usually go to eat ramen, but this Makuro Ramen is totally different!

As a representative food in Kagoshima, this ramen is on my ramen ranking list now (LOL)

Then, here is a small plate with Wasabi and it smells good.
I think there are some people do not like Wasabi, but you have to try this one! You will become a wasabi lover!

For my personal opinion, this wasabi is the best one that I have ever taste. It is the one and the only wasabi that you only can eat here!

When you come to visit Kagoshima, please come to try Ajikoubou Misono’s Maguro Ramen!

From the traditional Japanese beauty to the creation of the Maguro Ramen, please try it!


Chinese Cuisine Ajikoubou Misono

4 Kitahamocho, Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture 896-0041, Japan

TEL/FAX 0996-33-0808

Opening Time

Day time: 11001500 (OS 14:30

Night time: 17002200 (OS 21:30

※ Holiday depending on ower

Parking Lot: 3 parking space in front of restaurant/3 parking lots nearby