Let’s Cook Morioka Reimen, One of Morioka’s Three Great Noodles.

Have you ever heard of the Three Great Noodles of Morioka? Morioka Reimen (cold chewy noodles with clear broth soup), Morioka Jajamen (Thick noodles similar to udon with meat miso) and Wanko Soba (All-you-can-eat buckwheat noodles served in bite-sized portions). The Three Great Noodles of Morioka are not only all tasty but are fun to cook as well.

Morioka Handi Works Square, a facility where you can enjoy various traditional craftworks and foods of Morioka, offers Reimen cooking classes.

Reimen noodles are made from flour and powdered ingredients. Mix some hot water and knead the dough well to make the noodles chewy. Set the dough into the noodle machine and boil the noodles for a few minutes. Cool them down in cold water and done!!! Taste the great collaboration of firm and chewy noodles with clear broth soup.

Add some Kimchi and vinegar to enjoy variation of the taste as you like. A bowl of Reimen comes with toppings such as a slice of water melon, apple and pear depending on the season. A slice of fruit is refreshing after the spicy taste of Kimchi. Hot summer is now around the corner in Japan. You can’t miss Reimen in Morioka during summer!

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