Relaxing Time in “Yururiya”, Asuka

“Yururiya” is a farm-inn, which is a 150-years old traditional house that was renovated by the owner himself. There are many passionate works in . In particular, “Irori”, a traditional Japanese hearth constructed in the floor, gives off a nostalgic feeling. And, the dinner cooked there is incredibly delicious.
If you are lucky, you can have “Botan nabe”, a boar meat hot pot. Boar meat is high in protein, but it’s healthy. So why not come to Asuka and experience a relaxing time?

Relaxing Time in "Yururiya", Asuka

Relaxing Time in "Yururiya", Asuka

Japan OLDさんの投稿 2018年3月6日(火)

※The pictures were taken with “RICOH THETA S”.

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