Morioka Sansa Odori or Morioka Sansa Dance Festical starts off the most enthusiastic festivals in Tohoku Region, located in the northern part of mainland Japan during the summer.

Dancers, flutists, and drummers parade through Chuo Dori Street, main business street of Morioka, during this festival.
In 2014, this festival was added to World Book of Guiness Records as the largest Japanese drum ensemble, making it the largest drum parade. Within the 4 days of the parade, there were 35,000 participants and 1,330,000 visitors joined to watch this masterpiece of a dance festival last year.

The chant of “Sakkora Choi Wa Yassei” while dancing is written as “幸呼来” in kanji and the meaning stands for “bring in good luck.” It is said that calling out this phrase brings in to all those around,including visitors.

Morioka Sansa Odori is held annually from Aug. 1st through Aug. 4th.

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