[Urashima Taro]

Urashima Taro is one of the fairy tale in Japan.

The story of Urashima Tarois that he helped a turtle that was bullied by the other children. In order to give thanks onto the Urashima Taro, the turtle invited him to the Dragon Palace which is under the sea. Otohime princess treated him with a big party. Later after the party, Otohime princess gave him a casket, and told him, “Don’t ever open this casket.” However, when Urashima Taro was back to the land, he opened it. There was a smoke came out form the casket and Urashima Taro became an old men.

As a result, it was the happy days that spent in the Dragon Palace were the years that spent in the reality.

The place associated with Urashima Taro is in Kagawa Prefecture.