Morioka Hachimangu Shrine, a historical shrine in the city of Morioka. Shigenobu Nanbu of “Nanbu Clan” built this approximately 300 years ago in 1680.

Speaking of 300 years ago, this was during the Edo era (Edo period) when Samurais roamed around and people wore their kimonos. Perhaps the ninjas might have been living as well!

There are 25 shrines within the precinct. This is like a theme park, considering it is rare to have multiple shrines. Among them, the main shrine is the God of Success and Victory. It is referred to as a “power spot” where visitors can sense and receive its power.
During the New Year, many people come visit this shrine to pray for happiness of the year. This is called “hatsumoude” (hat-tsu-mow-day) in Japanese.