Do you know Segodon no yu was loved by old Mr. Saigo Takamori?

It is located near 600 meters walking from JR Hisatsu Line’s Hinatayama Station.

It is the origin of Kagoshima’s Hinatayama hot spring street. It is well-known by its natural and historical spring. People also call Motoyu since ancient Japan. It is not only known by locals but also tourists.

The name of Segodon no yu came from the day when Mr. Saigo Takamori hunted near here, he came to this hot spring to relax.

See! This is the picture of Segodon and Ryouma!  I can feel an aura of respectability form the painting (LOL). This painting is also a landmark of this hot spring.

Here is the parking lot. There are 10 spaces here. Today is almost full. What a popular place! The up-left has Segodon’s painting. Okay, let’s go to the entrance!

There is no one at the reception today. 

The entrance fee is cheap!250

Please prepare the exactly amount of money just in case you can not get the change.

If you have any questions, please push the button on the desk.

There is the oldish changing room and resting space. It is a comfortable area.

The type of this hot spring is sodium chloride with hydrogen carbonate spring and chloride spring. The effect of sodium chloride is to make your skin smooth after you enjoy the bath.

This is the prime bathing tub. It is simple and I can understand why it has been so popular for many years.

There are 2 types of water temperature that you can choose, hot and not so hot. Please select the one that you like.

Surprisingly, there is a facility for drinking hot spring water. All you can drink! (※Do not drink too much)

※ Notice! There is no shampoos, conditioners, and body soap prepared. Please bring it by yourself.

There is a good news! The hotel that is in front of the hot spring only 1700 for staying. The price might change time by time, please ask the hotel staff for details just in case.

How about come to Segodon no yu one time if you came to visit near here?

This is the origin famous spring from Japan! Segodon no yu!

Tel: 0995433870

One day bath: 6:00 am 2130 pm

Regular Closing day: The 4th Monday of the month

Entrance fee: 250

Address: 1462-2 Hayatocho Uchi, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-5116, Japan