This time, I would like to introduce a healing place in Koshijima, Sebikannonmitaki, a waterfall.

The name of “Kannonmitaki” came form the waterfall itself. It is divided into 3 parts and falling down from the place with 55 meters high. There is Kannon statue enshrined near the basin. The enshrined places is also a beautiful that surrounds with green plants .

This waterfall was once known by the rumor, the mineral spring (liquid medicine) for all the people,and many people also came from a very far place to here. Look at this cedar! What a incredible tree!

Look how these trees grows! I was wondering how old are these trees!

In order to see the ichinotaki and ninotaki, let’s climb these stairs.

This is the plant called fern. This plant in Koshijima is the northern most limit of naturally growing Cyathea spinulosa and it is assigned as natural monument by the country.

Taking 2 or 3 minutes walk, here are 2 waterfalls. The sound of waterfall and the cool breeze...WoW...

I can really feel my heart is pure again by standing in the nature.

The feeling is like you are full of energy in your body by charging the nature power.

Near the waterfall, there is a park, camping area, resting place, and observation deck. If you are nearby Koshijima, please come here and take a look. You will feel your body and soul refresh.