“Ramen Noboru Ya” was founded 70 years ago. It is a well-known historical Ramen shop in Kagoshima.

Actually, Noboru Ya was once closed in 2014, April. The owner Ms. Okami and her friends run this Ramen shop before. Because of the age, she is out of the energy to run the business, so the shop was closed once.  However, Ms. Yukari Makino, a fan of Noboru Ya, took over the business and opened it again. She remained the tradition of Noboru Ya ramen shop and gave it energy once more!

In order to keep the same taste of ramen, the new owner gathered 500 Noboru Ya ramen lovers to taste it. The taste meeting was held more than 35 times. If it is not right, she tried again and again. The shop can be alive again was also the passion from all Noboru Ya ramen lovers’ support.

Noboru Ya Ramen Shop is near the department store, Yamakataya.

There is the ticket machine. First, you need to buy the food ticket. Ramen is 800, this is regular size. You can also order 1000 for big size.

This is how it looks in the shop. There are table seats and Japanese style seats. It is open for the group, family or even just one person.

After the order, the staff said in polite, “In order to keep the original taste, it takes time to cook it. Please wait for a moment.” I am very hungry!

This is Noboru Ramen that is alive again by everyone’s passion.

The soup is cooked a long time with pork bone. But it is not that oily as imaged, it is more lighter than I think. The noodle tastes chewy and it is different from other ramen taste. Actually, I love ramen. I went to many different kinds of ramen shop. But Noboru Ya has its own special taste from others. It is very delicious.

This is the root of Kagoshima Ramen. Please come to Noboru Ya Ramen Shop when you are visiting here!

This is the original ramen from Kagoshima, Noboru Ya!

Address: 6-9 Kinseicho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 892-0828, Japan


Open: 11:0020:00

Regular Holiday: Monday

Reman: 800/Big size:1000