This is the spot to enjoy the collaboration of Mt.Fuji-san and cherry blossoms. It takes only 60 minutes to the top of the mountain from Otsuki Sta., and you can reach the top easily. It says that there was Iwadono-Jo castle at its top in Sengoku period (about 500 years ago). Now, you will get a glimpse of the castle from the landscape of the mountain. At the middle of the mountain, “Iwadono-san Fureiai-no-yakata(Mt. Iwadono House for Communication)” is standing. Its 1st floor has the photo-gallery of Shirou Shirahata, a famous mountain-photographer born in Otsuki-city. Go up the stairs and step in the 2nd floor. The beautiful pictures of Mt. Fuji-san are waiting for you. They are the winners of the Mt. Fuji-san photo contest held in Otsuki.