Omaru Channel is for agricultural use flowing in Inagi City, Tokyo.

Its history is old, according to the ancient document it seems to reverse back in the early Edo period (beginning of the 17th century).

That water has been pulling from the Tama River and has played an important role in cultivating rice crops and pears for more than 300 years. As well as in Inagi City, of course, it spreads like a capillary to a part of the adjacent Kawasaki city.

Today, for agriculture, of course, channel is playing a big role for walking tour and cycling for sightseeing purposes.

Alongside the channel, beautiful flowers bloom every season, such as hydrangea flowers, entertaining visitors.

The nearest stations are JR Nambu Line Minami-Tama Sta,and Inagi-Naganuma Sta, where the about 3 km distance is good to see.

There are monuments of the work by mechanic designer Kunio Okawara, Mobile Suite Gundam and Shah at Inagi-Naganuma Sta., and Yatterwan at Minami-Tama Sta.,those are modern highlights.