Natural Spring Kaiseinoyu was open in November, 2016, it takes around 10 minutes by car from Kagoshima Central Station. This spring was found around 15 years ago.

At beginning, this spring was primely used by business men and the staff who worked around this area. However, many people who did not work around here also want to use it, so the locals started to build this onsen place.

Since there is a heart-warming story behind this spring, I went to visit this place.

Here is the parking lot! There are around 80 spaces that you can park, it is pretty wide. You can park here anytime when you come.

Here is a retrospective resting space. It feels comfortable sitting on the bench here.

Let’s go to onsen! The type of the spring is Na-chloridesulfatehydrogencarbonate spring. There are many useful effect of this spring, such as to heal cuts, peripheral circulatory disturbance, cold sensitivity, depression, dry skin and other therapy.

There are 2 kinds of temperature here, nuruyu (tepid) and atsuyu (hot). Atsuyu is not too hot to bath but it suits for the people who likes high temperature bath. Nuruyu is recommended for the people who would like to take a long time bath.

The outdoor bath is like this! It has different atmosphere and pretty stylish!

Natural Spring Kaiseinoyu is a nice place for anybody, no matter if you came here alone or with your family.

Please come here once if you can!

This is the original spring that comes form Japan, Natural Spring Kaiseinoyu.

Address: 8-3-3 Tagami, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 890-0034, Japan

Tel: 099-813-8260

Opening time: 6:0024:00  ※ 365 days open

Fee: Adult/390 Kids/150 Infant/80

Bath Amenities: Extra fee for towel/soap/dryer

Parking lot: around 80 spaces

Around 5 minutes by car from Ijuin direction of KAGOSHIMA-TOZAI TAGAMI Interchange