This temple was built by Buddhist priest Chinkai in 1368.
It is a historic temple which used to have 19 branch temples in the surrounding area, and owns many cultural properties.

The building consists of the main gate, the main hall, the Jizodo and the belfry.
The statue of the Bodhisattva Buddha (Shokannonbosatu), a designated cultural asset of Tokyo once was settled in Myōfukuji Temple which has been a branch temple of Koshoji Temple and became a disposal temple.

This statue is one piece of Zelkova, 153 cm tall, it is said to be the work of the early 12th century.

On the back of this main temple , there is very tall Torreya nucifera about 25m in height, which is the designated cultural asset by both of Inagi city and Tokyo Metropolitan.
In the garden of this temple, the Peony and Wisteria flower bloom beautifully and you can enjoy them in the spring,

Address: 551 Sakaham, Inagi city, Tokyo
Access: get off at Inagi station on the Keio Sagamihara line,and 10 minutes walk from Sakahama bus stop.