At Kawazoe area, that takes 40 minutes by car from the coastline of SHIRAHAMA town, A local women group 「KAWAZOE Kaachan-no-Sato」 runs a caf? 「KAWAZOE Caf? Kaachan-no-Sato」, using a closed school.

They were formed in 2012 as part of a depopulation project. They have been selling locally processed products, ordered lunch boxes and so on. Taking advantage of that experience, they offer heart-warming home cooking using local vegetables. And you can drink a special product Kawazoe tea, and they offer sweets using that tea leaf.

Please be sure to come to KAWAZOE Caf? Kaachan-no-Sato. You can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of school, and heart-warming Kaachan’s hospitality.

◇Open : On every third Saturday,  11:00 am 〜 14:00 pm (※Limited open once a month)

◇Place : Old Kawazoe junior high school building ( 1166, Ichikano, Shirahama-town, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama-pref )