[Japan's Jitte]

Jitte is a Japanese weapon and an assisting tool which the length is not even reaching to 1 meters iron stick.

The hook uses for catching enemy’s blade and also has other usage. Such as to protect form enemy uses the blade to attack self, and to catch or traped the enemy's hands or feet by hitting or pushing from the enemy. It is a technique of Jitte.

In Edo period, a public servant who owns the Jitte needed a license that was approval by the government as a kind of identification. During Edo period, when the public servant arrested a criminal, they used the technique of the Jitte. The technique is to pull the joint jaw, to suppress, and to throw down the criminal. It is a technique in combination with Jujutsu to control and arrest the criminal.

Nowadays, imitation and toy jitte sells around the tourist spot and it is very popular no matter you are old, young, men or women.