[Japanese Sword]

Japanese sword started to make in Kufun period around 1500 years ago in Japan. As time goes by, the shape of sword also changed. Japan has the unique way of smithery to make sword, which called "Nihonntou"(Japanese sword). After the Heian period, sword means a craft that made into single-edged blade.

To make the swords, it has be contained three high dimension of elements, it can not be bend neither twist, and it is sharp enough to cut everything. The forging of sword is including the method of making and selecting the material of steel. Therefore, many smiths spend their entire life to make swords in order to make their swords can maintain in the history from ancient Japan till now.

In the present of Japan, many people’s hearts are catched by the beauty of Japanese swords. People considered Japanese swords are the fascinating art crafts and many swords are highly evaluated. There are several well-known Japanese swords such as “Masamune” and “Jyuzumaru”.