[Japanese Miso Making]
Miso is Japanese one of the traditional seasoning. It produced by soybeans or rice, wheat and other grain with salt and malted rice (Japanese called koji) to make it ferment.

There are different original stories of miso. Some says it is form the ancient China’s soy sauce. The soy sauce came to ancient Japan is through the Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China.

Miso soup is one of the dish made by miso. Japanese people will start to miss it when they are abord. It is a well-known and popular taste in Japan.

The ingredients of making miso is rice and soy beans. The ingredients of making miso will start from the beginning to the harvest period when the material is well done. It usually will spend about 2 years to finish. Miso making is the fruit with time and labor.

Japanese traditional of natural ferment miso can do any kinds of food. And it has been famous from Edo period. The result of improving people’s health is also under the study right now.