Can you believe Inukai Falls is the top 1 of the new 100 views in Kagoshima!

It is located in Makizonocho Shimonakatsugawa of Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is known by many tourists.

Inukai Falls is 36 meters in height, and 22 meters in width. There is a hot spring village, Wake Shrine and other famous historical heritages around the area. It is known as a famous waterfall since ancient Japan. The ancient Nara period officer, Wake no Kiyomaro, and Sakamoto Ryoma had been visited here. It is a waterfall with a long history. It became the No. 1 view in Sansyu (Satsuma, Osumi, Hyuga).

Following the route no. 470, there is a observatory called ‘Inukai-taki Takimitai’ coming first.

Inukai taki is the top stream of Omori Gawa and the head stream of Krishima mountain. It flows to the Kagoshima Bay.

This is also a well-known ‘Ryoma Honeymoon Route’ that Sakamoto Ryoma and his wife visited here during their honeymoon trip.

I was wondering how was Sakamoto Ryoma’s feeling when he saw this waterfall...

For Sakamoto Ryoma, lived in the turbulent time, I think he and his wife took their time here and enjoy the beauty of Inukai no Taki.

What a spectacular green view! Inukai fall looks so magnificent from here!

Taking slow in the nature and with the fall, it makes you forget the time and your heart seems to be occupied by the sound of taki.

Walking around 300 meters by the promenade, you can see the basin of waterfall.

In case of walking safely when it rains or other danger situations, there are canes prepared next to ‘Watch Your Steps!’ sign.

I can not wait to see the top 1 view in Kagoshima!

What a fresh air and it is full of Negative Ions!

Almost here, 100 meters left!

Soon will see the Inukai no aki, once I go down this stair.......

This is the valley of Inukai no taki.  The beauty of nature is so fascinating that takes my breath away.

The more I moved forward, the more I can hear the sound of waterfall.

Finally, in the serene nature,  I saw Inukai no taki. 

There is a observation deck on the left.

The roar of the fall is more powerful than I think. I am speechless......

Inukai no taki is a large waterfall with 36 meters in heighth, and 22 meters in width.

I feel I am so smell in the big nature.

I feel my heart is purified and refreshed.

I was wondering when Ryoma came here, how did he feel the future of Japan?

However, the view of waterfall never changed from the past, I was amazed by the power of the nature.

The famous Japanese poets, Yosana Tekkan and  Wakayama Bokusui, also written poems of Inukai no Taki.

If you have chance to come to Kagoshima, please come to visit Inukai no Taki.

Inukai no Taki, a waterfall that the Japanese great men loved .

Address: Makizonocho Shimonakatsugawa, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-6506, Japan

Access:  20 minutes by car from Misobekagoshimakukou Inter Change of Kyushu Expressway