I really love curry more than other food. (LOL)

This time, I went to a curry restaurant, Sakurajima Jacob spice, at 5th street, Tagami, Kagoshima City.

In fact, the owner was a band member before. After quit the band, he was working in a famous curry restaurant in Tokyo and got training there. The owner and his wife opened this restaurant in summer, 2013, in their hometown, Kagoshima. Since it opened, it is getting popular and popular.

The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere!

It is so fashion to have a retro look building restaurant.

Just like the rumor says, it is so popular. There are 5 parking lots, but no spaces!! I am getting exciting when I see it, the food must be fantastic!

In the restaurant, there are hand drawing illustrations on the wall, it looks so fashion has these designs in the restaurant! In fact, I was supposed to take some pictures in the restaurant, but there are too many people and too crowded. In the end, I can not take the photos(T0T). Such a popular restaurant!

Okay! Let me check the menu!

The main dish is Vegetable curry, Egg and Cheese curry, Chicken Curry, Pork Curry, Shrimp Curry, and curried pilaf.

If you are not good at spicy curry, I recommend you order curried pilaf. This dish is very gentle and not hot at all.

Wow, every dishes look so delicious!

If it is possible, I would like to order all of them! (LOL)

You can order big size rice for free and there are also many kinds of topping that you can choose, such as cheese and eggs.

You can add your own topping depends on your own favor.

A special dessert named ‘Pudding for Adults’ (Otona no tame no purin) catched my attention. I heard it is very delicious.

There are also some drink that you can order, like soft drink and alcohol drink.

As the picture shows, spicy-lovers, there are Keema Coconuts source based curry, Keema Chicken Curry and Keema Shrimp Curry. The level of spicy is like walking through the rough path, I think. (LOL)

After checking the menu, I decided to order this.....

Pork Curry plus cheese topping! Yummy!

It looks so delicious that makes me wanna scream!!

Owner is really a talented cook! (LOL)

Then, my friend ordered Vegetable Curry.

‘Let’s eat!’  The spicy is very gentle and matches the sour taste of curry roux. The pork is almost melted into the curry roux, the taste is 100% delicious!

The vegetable also matches the ingredients and juicy. Saffron-flavored rice and the curry roux is a wonderful combination!

You can take out too!

If you are a curry lover, I strongly recommend this restaurant! It is super good!

Facebook: Sakurajima Jacob Spice

Address: 5-57-8 Tagami, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 890-0034, Japan


Parking Lot: 5


Lunch: AM 11:30PM16:00LO 15:00

※Without Dinner Service

※Regular Closing Day: Every Thursday (Closing day also depending on owner)


Lunch: AM 11:30PM15:00LO 14:30

Dinner: AM 18:00PM22:00LO 21:00

▼Food Truck: AM 11:30 Close until running out of ingredients !

Mon. : Kourai Cho - near MBC TV station

Tue. :  Oroshihommachi- Niwa Pottery Shop’s parking lot

Wed.: Imamura Hospital Branch - near City Hall

Fri. : Minato Otori Park - in front of City Hall

※Food Truck Reservation TEL: 090-6637-6222