Friend & Bird restaurant is near Minato Boulevard Park where is in front of Kagoshima City Hall.

Actually, this restaurant is more than 60 years old. This is the 32 year that it moved to Meizen-Cho area.

During the lunch time on weekdays, the customers are mainly business men or the residents.

This is a long history restaurant and still retains their old building. It is the atmosphere of the best kept secret restaurant that you would like to drop by.

If you come by car, there is a parking lot near the restaurant. Remember to bring your receipt from the restaurant then you can get 100 yen discount.

In the restaurant, there are 5 counter seats and 10 table seats. In fact, people who works for the TV station at Kagoshima and celebrities also came to Friend & Bird.

Here, I would like to show you the menu. Next to the Hash Beef with Curry Rice list, I was interested in a dish called “Super Hash Beef with Super Curry Rice”. Super Curry rice means it contains rice an pasta in one dish.

One more thing that will make you feel good is you can order the potion that you would like to eat! My recommendation is only curry stock with the big potion and the others, rice and pasta, with half potion.

So, my order is......

Crispy Fried Pork Steak Curry!!

Fried pork steak will start to cook after you ordered it, so when the meal is done, it is just right to eat!! Hot and Crunchy!! It is just the right volume!

The curry stock took around 3 hours to cook and sit for many hours. The material contains carrots, onions, and other recipes that fully melt in the curry stock. At the beginning, you can feel the taste is sweet, and after that, you can feel the taste of spicy slowly.
The spice and the hot source is not used at all. Owner only uses ginger and garlic to adjust the taste of spicy. It is the traditional curry stock that good for the healthy with the most wonderful taste.
Of course, the curry stock is different from the Indian curry and European style. It is Japanese style curry.
Finally, it comes my order, the big size of Crispy Fried Pork Steak Curry!! The size is almost the same as the plate!! If you are really hungry,I recommend you order the big size. It has very big potion. Please be careful, do not waste it! LOL