A Happy New Year!!All the best with you!!
So we wanna introduce of ourself!!
Miki is a inland city in Hyougo pref.
With its scenic views,mild climate,fulfilling facilities,Miki has selected for comfortable place to live.
Miki is surrounded by beautiful nature,for that reason,Miki has 25 sophisticated golf courses and huge rice fields which produce yamadanishiki(king of sake rice varieties).
Getting here

from Kobe:1h by local train,1h by car
from Osaka:1h & a half by local train,1h by car
from Kyoto:1h & a half by Shinkansen & local train
1h & a half by car
from Tokyo:4h by Shinkansen & local train

Our promotion short movie is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QxK2PKXV6E
Hope you enjoy of it!!